Kellerei Auer Pinot Grigio

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The Alto Adige vineyard is a small area of wine production, where the viticulture has its ancient origin originating from the times of Ancient Rhyme. "Wine land", according to generations of vine growers, where the special microclimate of the Alps, softened by the Mediterranean Sea, is ideal for the production of white wines of excellent and unique quality.
Exquisite and elegant wines are the result of the great passion vine producers have for their local terroir. The grapes come from vineyards located in the hills at a height of 200 to 400 meters. Vines are grown on limestone soils composed of clay and stones, with a distinct temperature difference between day and night.
This Pinot Grigio has a pale yellow color and a delicate nose. Noticeable pleasant nuts and honey. The perfect addition to fish and shellfish. Perfect also as apéritif.

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Cantine di Ora Kellerei Auer - Schenk Holding
D.O.C. Alto Adige
Trentino - Alto Adige
Pinot Grigio

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Kellerei Auer Pinot Grigio

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