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We have been producing wines of the highest quality under the name Grau since 1885, which is a unique vineyard with traditions. Grau and Grau Cellar is located in Pla de Bages, more precisely in Maians, which is the geographical center of Catalonia. It is a small family business with a wine tradition starting in 1885, when we started growing our own vineyards and devoting ourselves to the wine world. In 1996, Jaume Grau i Grau built the first, still existing vineyard, where the first bottles with the name Grau on the label were made, and in 1998 it was awarded the Pla de Bages name of origin, one of the greatest wine accolades, a symbol of solid work done through constant effort and family passion.

Region and vineyard

The Bages region has ideal conditions for viticulture - the Mediterranean climate, no rain and strong air circulation, as well as clay and limestone soil, made it one of the most important wine regions since the 10th century. The vineyards are surrounded by pine and oak forests which give our wines a great personality and identity. In Celler Grau and Grau we have our own vineyards, 20 hectares, located at an altitude of about 600 meters. In this way, our wines show the diversity of the land and the people who cultivate it. Thanks to these features, we obtain wines with high freshness, friendly concentration and good aging ability. In our vineyard, we grow varieties such as Picapoll (originating from Bages), Macabeu Chardonnay, White Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franco, Syra, Merlot, Garnatxa and Sumoll.

Celler Grau and Grau: fifth generation and organic production

Now, with the fifth generation in charge of the vineyard, we continue to grow at all levels. We have always been defined by good work and passion for what we do, which is why we want to maintain it and strengthen it in the next generation, preserving tradition, combined with young and fresh ideas. Grau i Grau is a family winery that produces high-quality wines thanks to dedication, effort and persistence, which we are very proud of. Our main feature is that we work with dedication, faithful to tradition, respecting our land to the maximum, which translates into the maximum quality of our wines. Thanks to organic farming, more related to the care of the environment and the protection of the territory, we produce a range of organic wines that, while maintaining the traditional flavor of Grau and Grau, favor essential aspects for human health. In 2018, we also introduced our first production references for organic farming.

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