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Between passion and emotions ...

The origins of the Sparr wine family date back to 1680, when Jean Sparr was born. Under the influence of François Pierre Sparr, the vineyards were enlarged in 1785. Several generations later, Charles Sparr expanded the business, expanding it in the field of trade and wine aging. His son Pierre took over at the age of 20. His sense of business made him a pioneer in "bottling wine" in Alsace. His motto was: "invest, develop and maintain".

During World War II, Sigolsheim and its vineyards were completely destroyed, but thanks to great courage and persistence, Pierre Sparr rebuilt one of the most beautiful and prestigious vineyards in Alsace. His sons René and Charles contributed to the expansion of vineyards and the development of European markets, which gave the company a new dimension. Now the ninth generation is striving for the goal of preserving tradition, passion and emotions.

Alsace Vineyards - An extraordinary environment

The style of our ambitious wines is gaining world recognition thanks to the perfect combination of ancestral knowledge with today's technology. This is done by respecting each variety, the presence of a specific soil and a comprehensive climate. The Maison Pierre Sparr Successeurs estate, situated in the heart of the famous Alsace vineyard, covers 15 hectares of its own land and an additional 130 hectares cultivated by experienced winemakers.

Alsace - a wonderful wine region

The history of Alsatian viticulture began in the time of the Romans. In the Middle Ages, its wines were among the most famous and expensive in Europe. Protected to the west by the Vosges Mountains, this wonderful land is located on the French side of the Rhine, 150 km between the plains and hills. This is the Alsace wine route.

Situated on the slopes of the Vosges Mountains, the vineyard benefits from a friendly dry climate and late day sun, which ensures that the grapes slowly mature. Also, cool autumn helps to develop the unusual aromas of Alsatian varieties. The real richness of Alsace wines is the result of the variety of "terroirs" which show clear differences and a strong typicality characteristic of the variety, as well as a subtle aroma and unique flavor.

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