Quinta de curvos

Quinta de Curvos

Quinta de Curvos is one of the most beautiful estates in the Minho region. Its history goes back four centuries and is full of stories and events that have left their mark on it.


Qinta de Curvos - Sociedate Agricola, S.A. is a family business founded in 1976 by two brothers Jaime and José Fonseca, who after 25 years in Angola, returned to Portugal and in 1974 decided to acquire the Quinta de Curvos estate to develop their passion for wine. The history of the Quinta de Curvos estate begins four centuries ago and is filled with many legends related to the interesting surroundings of the property, such as the old mansion, caves, lake, gardens and of course the vineyard. It seems that Quinta de Curvos, surrounded by caves, a wide lake, gardens and vineyards, emerges as if straight out of a fairy tale and encourages visitors to discover more and more places.


The Vinho Verde region stretches across the northeastern part of the country known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho. Unlike the Mediterranean, the Douro Valley has a hot and dry climate ideal for growing olive trees, almond trees, vineyards and citrus fruits.


The wide range of Vinho verde produced at Quinta de Curvos is characterized by a variety of aromas, resulting in wines with fruity notes, well-balanced and of high quality. Given the competitive nature of the wine market, Quinta de Curvos, as a family business, adheres to a code of values ​​of tradition and innovation, and never ceases to respect the environment and a true passion for wine.

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Curvos Bruto

Price zł179.00
Fat and dense sparkling wine with a light yellow, citrus color. Rich in elegant small pearly bubbles. The nose is intensely fruity with aromas of...

Prova Cega

Price zł85.00
This wine is made from a blend of three typically Portuguese grape varieties: 50% Touriga Nacional, 25% Touriga Franca, 25% Tinta Roiz. Intense...

Curvos Avesso

Price zł79.00
Delicate, citrus color with straw reflections. Notes of fruit fruit, plum and pear, as for Vinho Verde, the body has too much character, good...

Curvos Reserva

Price zł149.00
Curvos Reserva Bianco was created from the careful selection of Avesso grapes. It is a wine with a rich and complex aroma, emphasizing the aromas...

Curvos Rose

Price zł74.00
Curvos Rose is a Portuguese rose wine produced from the Espadeiro grape. It has a light and fragrant body with a fresh and lively finish....
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