Teperberg 1870 winery

Teperberg Winery sine 1870

Teperberg Vineyard, founded in 1870 by Zeev Teperberg in the old city of Jerusalem, became the first family winery established in Israel in the new era. Today, Mr. Moti Teperberg represents the fifth generation and is the current owner and CEO of the Teperberg vineyard. Producing 8 million bottles per year, Teperberg Winery is the third largest winery in Israel, with 85% of its production being sold on the local Israeli market and 15% exported to 22 countries worldwide.

The vineyard is located at the foot of the Judean Mountains, surrounded by fruit and nut orchards and, above all, some of the most important vineyards in Israel. This area is an integral part of Israel's wine tourism route. Moreover, the area combines a long history of wine with modern methods of growing high-quality grapes. The vineyards stretch over 350 hectares, from the Negev Mountains in the south to Upper Galilee in the north.

Teperberg Winery offers six distinct wine series that differ in their production process and character.

Legacy - These wines, from selected varieties and unique vineyards, are produced in a precise and meticulous way to bring out the full potential of the best grapes coming to our vineyard. This series of wines is produced from a number of niche varieties, giving each wine a rich, unique character. All wines in this series have been aged in French oak barrels for 18 months before being released to the market and have great aging potential for many years.

Essence - This series of high-quality wines is distinguished by a unique growing and terroir environment that fully reflects the soil and climatic conditions. The meticulous production process of these varieties strongly emphasizes the characteristics of each vineyard where the grapes were originally grown. All wines in this series have been aged in French oak barrels for 18 months before being released to the market and have great aging potential for many years.

Inspire - A unique series of red and white wine blends from high-quality vineyards located in several growing regions of Israel. This wine series offers new original blends prepared by winemakers as well as a classic Bordeaux blend. The blends are complex, rich and have a soft, fully balanced finish. Red wines from this series were matured in French oak barrels for 8 months.

Impression - A series of classic red and white varietal wines from the vineyards of Shfelat Yehuda and the Ayalon Valley. Wines from this series consist of selected varieties and mature in oak barrels for about 6 months, until they reach high-quality wines with aging potential. The wines of this series are pleasant to drink even when young and are characterized by a balance of rich fruit aromas and a delicate aroma of oak barrels.

Vision - A series of young, red and white wine wines from the Judean plain. These wines express their freshness with color, aromas and supportive body. The series combines quality wines and one mixed wine.

Moscato - A series of youthful and fresh red and white wines from vineyards in the Judean lowlands. The extraordinary importance of these wines is expressed by their color and variety. The wines of this series are easy to drink and offer great value for money.

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Vision Merlot

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This Israeli wine is made from Merlot (90%) and Petit Verdot (10%). After the harvest, the grapes reached the vineyard in the early morning. The...

Vision Malbec

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This Israeli wine is made from 100% Malbec grape. The grapes arrived at the vineyard in the early morning after being mechanically harvested....
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