Bosio srl

A vineyard where tradition meets innovation. 

In the heart of Langhe in Piemont, among the hills, there is a vineyard called BOSIO srl, which dates back to the year 1967. It is where rural tradition and technology coexist. 


It was 1967 when Egidio and Angela decided to start working and living a busy, exhausting, yet fully satisfying life. Like any good farmer, Egidio began his journey step by step, with humility and persistence, not pretending that success would come immediately. He knew that hard work and paying attention to the quality of the produce would bring him results.


The company now covers 500 acres of vineyards, broken down into regional varieties. The plots are mainly located in S. Stefano Belbo, but also in Castiglione Tinella, Mango, Costigliole d'Asti and Castagnole Lanze and it is only a small part of the whole company. In fact, hundreds of agricultural organizations donate their grapes to our factory, producing an annual production of 1000 acres, and the grapes come from different parts of Piedmont such as Langa, Monferrato and Roero. The main feature of our vineyard is the desire to process the grapes on site, so we can directly follow the different stages of wine production. First, we collect the grapes according to their origin and then make mini-batches, each with different characteristics appropriate to the wine destinations.


The company is constantly developing and today it is an important point of the Langhe region as well as on the domestic and international market. This success is the result of the dedication of a family that has spent three generations devoting attention, care and time to achieving its goals. Today the soul of the company is Valter Bosio, a true man of the hills, firmly connected to his roots. However, he has an open mind, he shows great respect for ethics and territory. His wife Rosella goes hand in hand with him, managing the administration of the company. The future of the company is in the hands of Luca, the son of Valter and Rosella, a winemaker who has brought a breath of fresh air to both the technical and commercial areas. Passion combined with university experience are the means by which he presents production and marketing guidelines with the help of his father and technicians.

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