Guido Berlucchi



Pioneers from Franciacorta

In 1961, when I was thirty, a dream I had as a student became a reality: to create a classic sparkling wine in the "new" production area "Franciacorta". - Franco Ziliani

History and family

Franco Ziliani found the perfect person for his adventure that started the oenological revolution in Franciacorta. His name was Guido Berlucchi, and he was a descendant of the noble family of Lana de 'Terzi. He was looking for an expert to stabilize his white wine, FRANCIACORT Pinot del Castello. In 1955, they met in a stately mansion belonging to Berlucchi.



The geographic name of Franciacorta refers to the region, the wine, and also the production method. It covers 250 square kilometers and 19 municipalities, with 2,900 hectares of vineyards planted with 80% Chardonnay and the remaining 20% ​​Pinot Noir and Pinot Bianco.

Berlucchi Vineyards

The Berlucchi vineyards cover over 550 hectares, 85 of which are the owners' estates. The rest is owned by long-term, trusted winemakers. Operated on both the cordon and Guyot systems, the vineyards already met all official organic wine growing requirements during the 2014 harvest, while other vineyards did not achieve this status until 2016.

Franciacorta method

After adding liquer de triage (a mixture of yeast and sugar), the bottles are placed on racks in historic cellars, where they undergo secondary fermentation and subsequent maturation, which lasts from a minimum of 18 months to over 6 years. After removing the sediment, the wine is further aged in the bottle and then ready for consumption.

Franciacorta Berlucchi 61 was born right here

The history of Franciacorta underwent a revolution in the fall of 1961, when the first vintage of this wine emerged from the Berlucchi cellars. Berlucchi '61, in its elegant versions Brut, Satèn and Rosé, bears the name of this "first-born Franciacorta" and the fabulous era of the 1960s, and has become the wine of first choice for those who want something more in their wine aperitif.

Berlucchi’61 Nature completely pure Franciacorta

Berlucchi '61 is now also available in a Millesimato (dated vintage) version, produced from the best wine lots and requires a minimum aging of 5 years in the bottle. Exclusive and elegant, it is intended for the most demanding connoisseurs who know how to appreciate the multiple nuances of Franciacorta, a wine that shows the uncompromising style of nature. With the image of the wheel, a symbol of excellence, this cuvée will appeal to those who appreciate refined style in all its forms.

Palazzo Lana priceless Riserva

The timeless elegance of the Palazzo Lana Berlucchi, the beautiful mansion that inspired the first Franciacorta, is miraculously reflected in the Riserva made exclusively from an water leak (not pressed) from the Pinot Noir variety that matured for 7 years. Rare in both quality and quantity, it is intended for those who can appreciate the essence of Franciacort. It is produced only in the years with the greatest harvest.

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