Founded in 1931 in Châteauneuf-du-Pape by the Brotte family, this wine company offers high-quality wines from all over the Rhone Valley, which are remarkable mainly for their fruity, exceptional smoothness and great finesse. Laurent Brotte, who represents the fourth generation of the Brotte family, runs vineyards and produces wines, together with his wife Christine. They dedicate their passion and knowledge of their favorite grape variety - the king from the south of the Rhône Valley - Grenache.

Unique soils, proper exposure of the vineyards to the sun and a warm climate favor the cultivation of Grenache grape varieties, which produce concentrated wines with springy tannins. Grape harvest at their optimal maturity, traditional vinification or a selection of wines that are rich, fresh, with distinctive tannins, mainly aged in 100-year-old oak vats, reveal the essence and variety of Grenache aromas (fruity and spices), exceptional smoothness and finesse and subtle tannins. Other grape varieties such as Syrah with their freshness and Mourvèdre and its structure complete and harmonize with the Grenache.

As a result of the entrepreneurship of the Brotte family, wines from their estates are available in over 100 countries and their sales are constantly increasing. The quality of these wines is appreciated by the best tasters around the world. Robert Parker appreciates fruitiness, texture, balance and Provencal character, while Gault & Millau - an influential French gastronomic guide - enjoys fruit.

The 2014 "Terra Vitis" certificates for family estates around Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cairanne and Laudun are a confirmation of Laurent Brotte's aspirations in pursuit of further development of the company in harmony with nature.

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