La Chablisienne

La Chablisienne

Since 1923 in Chablis, Burgundy, there has been an uninterrupted cooperation and care of winemakers cooperating with the La Chablisienne brand, thanks to which wines that resist the passage of time are made.


The story began in 1923 when, under the leadership of Abbé Balitrand, many wine producers decided to join forces to be able to face the economic difficulties of the time. Together, in the heart of the Chablis vineyard in Burgundy, they created a wine cooperative where, until the mid-1950s, its members delivered products to La Chablisienne, which was then responsible for selling wines mainly to wholesalers. However, La Chablisienne wanted to go much further and create its own style. So it was decided that the harvest would be delivered in the form of must. This gave the brand complete control over the wine-making processes and constant exchange of information between producers and technologists, as well as linking the quality of the must with the plots from which the grapes came from and ensuring the best technical supervision.

With its true pioneering spirit, La Chablisienne has never ceased to face many challenges in areas as diverse as viticulture, winemaking and human resources and marketing. This is the result of the painstaking work and commitment of all those who make the wines that keep getting better with time.


Halfway between Paris and Beaune, is Chablis, the golden gate to Burgundy wines. The 5,500 hectare vineyard lies on the bank of the Serein River and covers almost twenty villages.


Chablis vineyard is one of the oldest in France. Over time, the good reputation of its white wines made from Chardonnay grapes has spread to all four corners of the world. The vineyards on both banks of the Serein River cover seventeen villages. The unique character of the wines comes mainly from the Cimeride age soil, the sediment of which is mainly composed of large numbers of small fossilized oysters called acute virgula. This unique soil, which can only be found in a few other places in the world, gives the terroir minerality, finesse and unmatched crystalline tone.

Chablis - The only unique Chardonnay variety

The extraordinary reputation of Chablis wines is due to an exceptional grape variety: Chardonnay. And it is in Burgundy that its quality has become synonymous with the most extravagant wines over the centuries. In the Serein Valley, in the Chablis Hills, it developed a perfect harmony with its terroir over the years, initiated by the monks of Citeaux who founded Pontigny Abbey in the 12th century and spread the ancestor of the present Chardonnay grape variety. The work of these monks is essential to understanding wine today. A long selection of unique plots, selecting and propagating the best plants, perfecting the most suitable viticulture methods and experimenting with different wine production techniques; such was the enormous contribution of the monks to viticulture in Burgundy. And it is precisely this legacy that we find today in La Chablisienne.

Our terroir

Terroir Chablisienne are a reflection of those of the Chablis vineyard. There are mainly Kimeridian soils, with alternating marls and limestones with deposits of small crustaceans, which give the Chablisienne wines a great personality with a distinctive minerality. As each lot is precisely located and delineated, it produces unique wines, each with its own character and ability to evolve and grow. And yes, Petits Chablis are perfect after one to three years, Chablis takes two to five years, and Chablis Premiers Crus and Chablis Grands Crus are wines with real maturation potential, requiring five to ten years. In each of these wines, we can find a reflection of the plot from which the grapevine comes from and the climate that prevails on it.

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