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We have over 800 years of experience in the wine sector. The love for wine and total dedication to its production have been passed on and flourished from generations until today. They are driven by a passion to express the identity of each of our vineyards and regions where our wines are grown. We try to combine respect for tradition with an attraction to innovation.


The story of the Roqueta family is the story of a family of winemakers. The beginnings of our winemaking activity date back to the 12th century, namely 1199. Our heritage is closely related to the local history of the Bages region, which is located in the province of Barcelona. Vineyards have been cultivated in Bages since Roman times. According to the oldest preserved documents, in 1199 the wine was already produced on the Masia Roqueta farm, which is located in the town of Santa Maria d'Horta d 'Avinyó. Today, the same farm still has traces of more than eight centuries devoted to wine production, such as presses, stone vats and barrels.

At the end of the 19th century, Ramon Roqueta Torrentó gave the family business a new business dimension. He did so in 1898 when he moved to Manresa, the capital of the Bages region, and founded Ramon Roqueta (DO Catalunya), the first of the family's vineyards. Others were founded in 1983 by Abadal Winery (DO Pla de Bages) and in 2007 by Lafou Winery (DO Terra Alta). Today, Roqueta Origen is headquartered in Santa Maria d 'Horta d' Avinyó, on the site of a former farmhouse.

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