The Farnese Winery was founded in Abruzzo in 1538 by Princess Margaret of Parma, wife of the Duke of Parma, Alexander Farnese. She decided to take a break from court life and had a magnificent palace built in Orton. It was a wonderful time for the city. Agriculture, and most of all viticulture, which has been the main occupation of the inhabitants for centuries, has undergone a renovation, as evidenced by the collections preserved in the local museum.

The wines from this winery were served on court tables all over Europe and hence the name Farnese has become synonymous with fine wine not only in Italy but also around the world.

Farnese Vini was founded in 1994 and within a few years, thanks to a policy of high standards in product search and marketing, a modern approach and stringent quality standards, has become a leading exporter of wines in the Abruzzo and Southern Italy regions.

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Don Camillo...

Price zł120.00
A great combination of French Cabernet and Italian Sangiovese. It has a strong, intense ruby ​​color. It has a very noticeable aroma of candied...

Zabu Grillo

Price zł62.00
Grillo Zabu is an unpretentious, lively wine with pleasant herbal and citrus aromas, especially mandarin orange and white flowers. Delicate...

Zabu Syrah

Price zł80.00
A wine with a deep ruby ​​red color with purple reflections. Aromas of red fruit, especially dark berries, black currant and notes of ripe plums....

I Muri Bianco

Price zł64.00
Wine from the hot south of Italy from Apula, which is the most eastern region of Italy. Its long southern peninsula is surrounded by the Ionian...
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