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Our history and philosophy with Roero

Our winery started production in 1950 under the direction of Giuseppe Damonte. Giuseppe was a visionary, realizing that in the 1950s Roero had not yet maximized its vineyard and thus the potential for growing grapes. Today the estate is managed by Massimo and Roberto Damonte, sons of Guiseppe, who inherited their father's love of wine production. Despite the constant increase in production and expansion into new markets, the vineyard is still a family business. Malvira benefits directly from the involvement of Federica and Patrizia Damonte, the wives of Massimo and Roberto, who run the luxury hotel and restaurant with 13 rooms. Currently, the brothers share the responsibilities, Massimo manages the vineyards and Roberto manages the cellar. Giacomo, son of Roberto and Patrizia, is also part of the family business. He is a student of oenology at the Alba school and plans to continue the family business in a new generation.

The family and staff members in Malvira are passionate, cooperative and enthusiastic people, and the main goal of each member of the Malvira "family" is to make wines go beyond the Roero area in its purest and most elegant form.

Our vineyards

The Roero region is particularly interesting because the land has a rich and varied history. The Roero area covers about 350 km and connects 23 municipalities and towns. The name Roero comes from the Conti-Roero family who inhabited the area in the 14th century, but the identity of the territory dates back to before 1000, when the entire "Roero area" was covered by the sea. This is where the sandy and calcareous soil found throughout the area comes from. In fact, it is fairly common to see fossils protruding at many points in vineyards.

We are very proud of all our vineyards. In each of them, we care for the soil and the cultivation of vineyards, using the methods of our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation.

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