Tenuta Col d'Orcia

Col d'Orcia

The Col d'Orcia winery is located near the medieval village of Montalcino on the River Orcia. Its rich wine history began in 1700, and the most famous wine is Brunello di Montalcino, which has been produced for over 100 years. Witnesses to this history are the 400-year-old olive trees that still grow on the property.

The Marone Cinazno family has contributed to the success of Montalcino and Brunello wines on the world market since 1973. The family representative himself has been the president of the Col d'Orcia company since 1992.

The Col d'Orcia farm covers 1,300 acres, 350 of which are planted with wine. In the vineyards situated in hilly terrain, between the rivers Orcia and Sant 'Angelo In Colle, mainly the Sangiovese variety, locally known as Brunello, is grown, which over the centuries has adapted to the unique conditions in this area and acquired a unique character.

Over the years, the owners of the Col d'Orcia winery have amassed a collection of over 50,000 bottles of older Brunello di Montalcino vintages, which serve as a treasury of wine knowledge and are treated as a priceless treasure.

At the Col d'Orcia estate, great attention is paid to the natural environment, therefore from 27 August 2010 all vineyards, olive groves and gardens are grown organically, and Col d'Orcia itself has become the largest certified vineyard in Tuscany - the so-called "organic island" of Montalcino.

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