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Castell d'Or is a company formed by a group of eight cooperating wine cooperatives from different wine areas in Catalonia. Their common goal is to combine tradition, experience, technical thought and the latest technology in all processes such as production, bottling and trade of high-quality wines and cavas on domestic and international markets.

The Penedes area has been inhabited and cultivated since the 6th century BCE. by the Iberian tribe called Cossetans.

Castell d'Or produces various types of cava under the Cossetania brand in Penedès - a region with ideal conditions for producing such great wines. In this area, covered by hills and elevations, forests and a sea of ​​vineyards that extend from the seashore to a height of 500 meters, several microclimates can be distinguished. Each of them has its own special features that have a peculiar effect on the wines produced there.

In addition, a number of regulations, classified under the name "Denomination de Origin", exist throughout the area, which guarantee both the origin and quality of the wines there.

In the wines produced by Castell d'Or, the vast majority of the grapes used are autochthonous and come from vineyards that reflect the characteristics of the area.

All these conditions make Penedès wines unique and appreciated all over the world.

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Castell D'Or Cava box

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Rimapere is a wine of delicate, light yellow color. The wine reveals an expressive, intense bouquet from which a huge palette of aromas emanates,...
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