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Family & Independent since 1870

By creating wines and emotions, our family shows the features of our terroir for 6 generations. In our estates you will find vineyards and luxurious hotels that will ensure a unique experience during an oenological trip on the roads of southern France. Our family run business, independent since 1870, is committed to protecting the environment by maintaining the integrity of each of our classified wine stands. 

A family with passion

Our family adventure began in 1870 with an extraordinary woman, my great-grandmother, Honorine Bonfils. Through her avant-garde and contribution to modern and sustainable viticulture, she was one of the first women in France to receive the Order of Agricultural Merit.

In 1962, we started building and planting what became the foundation for the Bonfils vineyards. With a passion for the terrains and wine of Languedoc, and awareness of their potential, we decided to settle on the local slopes and terraces, and we focus on the authenticity of this terroir. Today I am proud that this passion has become our family tradition.

From generation to generation

Today, Olivier's sons, Laurent and Jérôme, do their job every day, involving their children - the sixth generation. Everyone passionately shares their experiences and best practices, which strengthens their intergenerational ties. In addition to creating a company, we have a philosophy that we defend. Apart from wine itself, we love everything that surrounds it and we enjoy it. Like the Epicureans, the Bonfils family is eager to share their love for the vineyard and wine, and to this end, we have turned some of our estates into luxury tourist resorts, creating authentic, refined and friendly places. Many vineyards are located in areas of exceptional natural beauty or in ecologically protected areas (NATURA2000). Since the family has full control of the vineyards, it selects the products and the appropriate wine-growing methods to protect the environment and these unique natural places for future generations.

«We're only the guardians of this land, preserving it for future generations”

-Jean-Michel Bonfils

Each property has its own history, culture and heritage.

One and a half century of passion passed down from generation to generation. This age-old enthusiasm led Jean-Michel Bonfils to the most beautiful terroirs of Languedoc, initially chosen by the Romans and then by the clergy. Priests, passionate about wine, shaped the most promising land. They split the terroir and chose the best displays in the hills. Their heritage is much more than a vineyard, it is a sturdy hill, a well-preserved peninsula and a nature reserve.

With precision and care, our growers and winemakers have refined their methods: plot monitoring, proper needs management, organic farming, controlled yields, optimized harvest planning. This is how the greatest terroirs are born, paid for by centuries of sacrifice.


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