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Pardon & Fils

The Pardon family has owned vineyards in the Beaujolais region since 1820. The demarcation of Petty Crus into appeals (AOC) did not begin until 1936. Our cellar is located in La Chevalière in Beaujeu in the Rhône department (69), approximately 55 km north of Lyon. Beaujeu is the historic capital of the wine-growing region of the Beaujolais region. We also have two vineyards, one in Régnié Durette and one in Fleurie, further north in the Crus area.

In order to be able to offer a wide range of products, in addition to wines from our own estates, we cooperate with other wineries located in the areas that are most representative of the region. Just like the wines from the Mâcon region, i.e. Domaine des Tournons and Château de Chasselas. As there are few Burgundy wines on our list, we choose them very carefully; most of them are bottled at Beaune.

History of Pardon & Fils

The passion for wine and grapevine has been associated with the Pardon family since 1820, when Antoine Joseph Pardon, a winemaker from l'Ermitage in the commune of Régnié Durette, already produced and sold his wines in France and all over Europe (especially in Austria). At the beginning of the last century, Louis increased wine sales to restaurants and hotels mainly in Paris, as well as in other French cities.

After the First World War, in order to meet the growing expectations of customers from Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône, Louis obtained a wine producer and merchant license, and then selected a number of wines for his offer. As a result, Pardon & Fils began a significant expansion during this period. Moreover, in the late 1920s, his two sons, Antoine and Louis, came to his aid. In 1938, he bought an estate with a winery and vineyards in Fleurie, which Antoine took over after his death, and Luis devoted himself to other passions.

In the early 1960s, Antoine's youngest son, Jean-Jacques, joined him and increased sales of bottled wine; previously all production was sold in full, half and quarter barrels. Then, in 1991, Jean-Jacques' eldest son, Jean-Marc, joined the family business, mainly in sales, and in 1993 his brother Eric, a graduate of oenology studies, took up the technical side of production.

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