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Patrice Moreaux


The origins of our vineyard go back to 1677, when Edme Corty planted the first plantings in Pouilly and André Moreux bought his first vines in 1702 in Sancerre, across the Loire. It's amazing that their love of wine and land has lasted 300 years and 12 generations!

These beginnings explain our presence today at the Pouilly-Fumé Appeal, more precisely at Les Loges, and at Sancerre, Chavignol. These two royal appeals of Sauvignon Blanc were united in 1955 through the marriage of Jeannine Corty and Raymond Moreaux, direct descendants of Edme and André. As a wedding gift, their parents gave them a 4.5 hectare plot with a vineyard on the hillside - "Loge Aux Moines". Today, this beautiful story continues thanks to their sons - Arnaud and Julien Moreux - who have been working in this family vineyard since 2009 and 2011.


In each bottle from Patrice Moreux vineyards, you will find above all passion, knowledge and a constant search for truth, and a philosophy in which nature is queen, leaving no room for chemical interference or external yeast. All wines are naturally fermented and made with the utmost respect for their terroir. Our philosophy is simple: the vine is our temple. Our ecological motto is to respect nature and the vine, which are the basis of our passion. This belief means that we limit our interference with the grapevine, we observe its roots, understand the subtleties of the terroir, measure its nutritional capacity, monitor its health and care for it.

Loge aux Moines

This plot of land is part of the original Pouilly vineyard and was the first to be cultivated by Benedictine monks from the 11th century. They were the best winemakers of their time, great herbalists and had a direct relationship with nature, and they quickly realized that this place was perfect for viticulture. Facing south, with a view of the Loire, it benefits from the first sun rays and thus more heat during the day, as well as the unique terror - 100% kimeride-aged marl, with the highest concentration of limestone in Pouilly. Therefore, in their eyes, it was a natural place to grow vines.

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